Incompatible software made with Visual Basic. help!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by FoxAdriano, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Not sure why you'd have to have two ;) But glad it works.

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    Some folders have special aliases. I remember this happening when I copied the Shared Documents folder from an old external hard drive to this computer. I couldn't properly use some stuff in it until I created another Shared Documents folder and copied the stuff into there. This is because the "Shared Documents" folder was actually called "Documents" by the computer; even though a Shared Documents folder appeared to be there in Windows Explorer, programs couldn't find it because it wasn't actually called Shared Documents.

    What I'm trying to say is: One of those Programmi folders isn't actually called Programmi by the computer. Here's how you can find out its real name:

    Open the Run dialog (Windows Key + R) and type in "cmd" (without quotes). Press Enter.
    In the console that comes up you are probably in your user folder, so type in the following:
    cd \
    Press enter. You should now be in the C:\ directory. Now type in:
    dir /AD
    It will list all the folders.
    Look at that list closely. Do you see any folders in that list that you don't see in Windows Explorer? Like, perhaps, "Program Files" (that's the english name)?
    That's the real name of the other Programmi; the one your friend's program couldn't find.

    Tell your friend to use universal tokens like "%programfiles%" instead of localized names like "Programmi" next time. LOL.
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    [QUOTE \u003d FoxAdriano; 128622] Hi, 6-7 jaar geleden een vriend van mij gemaakt voor mij een software met Visual Basic. Het is een zeer licht software die ik gebruik voor archiveren mijn vele reviews. ik dat software op Windows 7, maar ik heb. dll problemen. Voordat monteren van die software heb ik gemerkt in de software bron (herkomst setup) elk. Dll waren verwerkt. Dl_ Windows 7 te lezen. Dll-bestanden als. Dl_
    Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van de optie Windows 7 programma compatibel, maar het is onmogelijk om die software te gebruiken.
    ik absoluut hebben om die software te installeren, omdat ik haar ARCHIVIE.DBF hebben.
    Kunt u mij helpen PLE ASE?
    Thanks a veel! [/ QUOTE]

    Ik weet wat het probleem is en heb daar de DLL voor. weet niet of ik mijn email in deze mail mag zetten.

    Laat dat even weten


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