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Windows 7 Insert a disc - error - "Please insert a disc into drive D:."


New Member
Apr 23, 2013
I initially had a problem with my my computer i.e. 'Windows desktop manager stopped working and was closed' - so having tried many potential solutions, and failed, I am resigned to restoring the computer to factory settings.

It seems that I have to do with the windows installation disc. But my computer is not finding the disc in the DVD drive.

I insert the W7 Home Prem disc into the drive - close it - then in the explorer window I double left click the DVD RW Drive (D:) icon -- the DVD opens and pushes out the disc and a message - Insert a disc, Please insert a disc into drive D:. gets displayed

Can anyone help me fix this?

Whch install are you rtying to do, a complete install with format or a repair install that is done form within windows?
If repair try safe mode.
If complete install you need to boot from the DVD, so make sure that you change the bios so that the DVD drive is the first boot device.
Is there any difference if you use a CD as opposed to a DVD when you look at it with explorer?