Windows 7 Installation freeze mystery - hardware issue?


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Jan 29, 2009
As the title says. My install constantly freezes up (usuall during expanding files). This happens with 4 different ISOs both CD and USB. I managed to install it a couple of times but it just freezes then anyways. My comp is OLD (2004) but it easily meets the minimum specs and surpasses what people using netbooks have. The issue for me is age I would guess. I still have the original mobo (4-5 years old). Its not the DVD drive because I already tried it with that disconnected. The vid card is new but could the onboard video thats still there be messing with the install. Sound card? My biggest fear is its the mobo because there are no new updated BIOS for it that I can find and its so outdated replacement is out of the question. I'm left with a few possibilities that I can try:

1- try install with no USB devices attached

2 - remove original network card (never use it anyways)

3 - strip RAM to original 512 stick for install

4 - disable onboard video/sound (how would I do this)

If you need info for my comp its a emachines T3116 with added ram/video card

PLEASE help! I am at my whits end here and you ARE my last hope!
Here is some background info on the problem:
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Basically what you need to do is delete the following string in your registry to fix it


*EDIT* your talking about installing Windows 7 itself arent you. sorry
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I dont know if updating your bios will help, you would only update your bios if you were introducing newer hardware. If you were concerned that it was onboard sound or graphics you could see if there is an option in the bios to dissable it for the install.
So the install crashes at random and youve tried 4 different images? I'd probably reburn image at the slowest speed you can, format your drive, stick the cd in your drive and boot to that, go to bed and dont look at it for 12hrs and hope when you come back shes ready to go.
Sorry I dont have any more ideas than that mate.
I guess I will try a SnS burn to see if that works, but I doubt it. About the BIOS update and hardware: I have added a AGP video card and a new stick of RAM since I bought it and It hasn't been updated since...
k well time for an update lol.

I gave up on W7 and decided to dual boot ubuntu to the shocking suprise of FREEZES! albeit later and less often they showed up. another forum sugested I use PC doctor to diagnose any problems. I got 2 results

1. The Cd drive test gave a slew of "drive not ready" arrors while running the tests. Howeveer I doubt the cd drive is the real problem b/c I tried USB installs with he drive disconnected.

2. The other result was that during the video page test (or something like that, I'll try and get the real name soon) It would go fine until it got to the "mode DH (13)" part where it would lock up with a screen full of 1s (in the previous tests the screens would do a count of 1-7) but I have no Idea what this means. Everything else seems to be working fine though...

any suggestions?
Well, I figured out my problem... I upgraded my vid card to a 7300 GT a while ago. The card requires a power supply because its AGP so I connected it to the power cord thinking it would be fine. However I only have a 300W PSU so its obviously not getting enough juice... This is probably what is causeing the freezes and I'm gonna replace it ASAP. Just posting this for anybody else with the same problem.
I'm having the same kind of problem, with the installation freezing at random points throughout the install, but my graphics card does not require external power, and I'm running with a 500 watt PSU anyway. My system specs are posted below. Anyone have any ideas for me? I've tried booting with nothing plugged in, and all the other suggestions from the first post. This has stopped me from installing Vista and 7. Windows XP installs fine. Please help!

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4850 w/ 1Gb DDR3
Motherboard: DFI Lanparty ICFX-3200
PSU: 500W Rosewill
RAM: 4Gb Crucial
I had the exact same issue. I tried everything (unpluging everything, changing hardware, BIOS setup, etc...) nothing really worked.
I finally found a post saying that this was due to idle behavior, in particular mouse and keyboard idle behavior.
I finally got it working keeping moving the mouse and typing on the keyboard during the install... sounds crazy but it worked.
You ll also need to change the power setup once the install is done. Unless you set it to "High Performance", you ll keep facing this freeze issue.

Hope this helps
Good luck
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