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Windows 7 Installer W7 on machine with factory Windows 8


Senior Member
Jul 22, 2013
Daughter has and ASUS X55c-si 30202m that came with windows 8 preinstalled.
It has been giving her nothing bu fits, giant pain in the butt, just doesnt run well.( like i cannot get windows defender to start, lots of weird little stuff like that.) but the interface is just horrible for her(metro)
Id Like to install windows 7 on it but want to make sure i do this the right way.
( im going to create a recovery USB tomorrow of the current recovery partition) so i can bring it back to "factory" if i need to.

According to the ASUS website there is a driver set for windows 7 for this machine.
I have a retail version of windows 7 that was installed on a desktop i had, that is no longer being used, how do i "deactivate" it and use it on the ASUS?

What else do i need to know about install W7 on the ASUS( isnt there something i need to change in the BIOS?

Thanks for the help
First, you will not have to deactivate Windows 7. If you do install it on another computer, it will require a call to an automated system that will use the numbers generated by your system and give you numbers back to use to activate. There should be a place during the process that will direct you to the correct utility.

Windows 8 will normally come with a system set up for Secure Boot. This means a Windows 7 DVD will boot, but not be allowed to install. For it to work, you would have to change the the Compatibility Support Module (CSM) settings. You would normally need to Enable the CSM, but how this is actually done depends on your specific system.

But might I suggest, in about a month, the Windows 8.1 update is going to be released to the public. It makes some changes which allow her to boot straight to the Desktop and maybe some others settings that will help her out. But it does take some getting used to, so perhaps wait until after that update to make a decision. I do not use Windows 8 as my primary system because I do not like the User Interface, so I understand her situation. While you are thinking about it, you might jump over to the Windows 8 forums and ask any specific Windows 8 questions there. Perhaps they could give you alternatives to the problems she is experiencing.

You can make an Image backup of your system if you want to try. I do not have an OEM system so I have not made an image of one of those and do not know if it will work or not.

How large of a Flash Drive does the Recovery Drive utility say you will need for your system?
Thanks for the reply, Is the secure boot normally (CSM) usually changed in BIOS for the most part?
Ive heard about Windows 8.1, but even then i think it may still be something that she finds bothersome.

The image backup is asking for a USB of at least 16GB.
Yes, the CSM or Secure Boot Settings are in the Bios.

The system is also probably in the UEFI configuration. So you will have to select the UEFI version of the Install Media from the Boot Device Menu. I am assuming it is a UEFI setup. If it were to be a Legacy install, Secure boot is not involved. If you want to make sure, open Disk Management (Winkey+X and select it) to see if there is an EFI partition on the drive.

A recovery drive is good for restoring a system back to factory specs., although I have not done one since I have no OEM systems. But it is not an image which will restore a drive to whatever status it was in at the time the image was made. Just something to think about.
I just got off a char with an asus tech and they gave me the exact instructions on what to change in BIOS and how to create a USB recover for windows 8. ( i understand its a factory image, not an image of the state of windows when the image is created).

of course they recommend NOT downgrading to windows 7 because it may cause instability, i said its already really unstable...lol
we shall see !