Installing 1 W7 image to multiple computers (but with orig. keys)

I need to install Windows 7 on multiple computers (over 20), overwriting the original install with a customized one with added software.

I would use boot time imaging software to simply load the image but I am concerned about the license key for each computer.

Could I update the cloned license information with the license I copied from each computer beforehand? Either by getting it from the documentation that came with the computer or by using a software tool to extract the key from the Windows 7 install that was originally on the computer before I overwrite it with the clone image.

What is the best approach?


If all the PC's do not have identical hardware, a cloned image will not work. Different hardware configurations will require their own separate installation.

However if all the PC's hardware configuration is the same, you have the option to change activation key from "Control Panel\System and Security\System". Use a key finder to find the key stored within Windows, even if you have an OEM sticker because they sometimes do not match.

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