Installing programs when off network issue

I have windows 7 professional, when I take my laptop off the network I cannot install programs. Keeps looking for the network.

How do I install programs when off of the network?


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Many programs require network access especially downloaded ones. Sometime the initial download is only to connect to their servers to than download the actual program.

Some that are on CD/DVD look to the developers site for updates or other things it needs to complete the install.

Is there a way to avoid the program from looking for the network as default? So its all local when downloading?


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Probably not it is most likely hard coded into the installer or the program.

Wait a while maybe someone else has more insight than I do.


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You might try disabling your Network adapter. Perhaps the program will not realize you have internet access and go ahead. This may not be any different from what you are currently doing, but won't hurt to try.

What program or type of program is it? I know some games these days require a network connection for everything at first.

But HelpifIcan would be correct about the situation being built into the install, unless you have some setup where the laptop has to use the network, like a type of domain or work environment.

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