Installing Win7 from usb loading files stuck

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by Jack Porath, Jan 12, 2014.

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    My disk drive isn't compatible with my new mobo, so i've decided to go the flash drive installation route. I had to install an iso from the interwebs to use in the windows usb/dvd tool they have to offer to make a bootable drive. when using the drive to boot windows, I immediately get stuck at the "windows is loading files..." screen. each time I try to boot, different progress is displayed per try, but no progress is made. I suspect several problems with the scenario, but need to reach out to more experienced people, for this is my 1st build. Bad iso, or bad ram. and regarding the iso, I try to use my OEM install disk to turn that into an iso, but each software I have tried does not recognize the disk. Your time is greatly appreciated, i've been at this for a week now, and frustration is pretty high
    (Note: I am using an XP 32 bit os to do this process, because I hear this has an impact on the bootable drive, and I have tried switching the ram around in several slots of the mobo)
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    Start with re-creating the bootable USB drive, see if it just did not create properly. From there I would run a memory test.
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    Could you tell us exactly how you are creating the bootable flash drive?

    The system stops at the loading files dialog, it could be memory since the install uses a RamDisk to hold the files.

    If your DVD drive is not compatible, you could get a new one for not that much money. Even if you get the install to work, the DVD may still cause problems.

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