Internet Access icon at bottom right not showing the correct icon

On the bottom right of the desktop on Windows 76, the notification icon for internet usually shows the disconnected icon or the no access icon. I'm still connected to the internet though and when I click on the icon, it opens up to show my connection (that is working). Why is it doing this? I've tried googling it, no use. It's not really a big deal, but knowing if I'm connected without having to click on the icon is nice.



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If it shows the icon like your's ot the one in my picture, then you are connected.



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You should be showing a Wireless icon and not a wired icon. If you have an Ethernet Adapter, try disabling it.

I have seen the red X stay on a wired connection and only disappeared after disabling and re-enabling the adapter.

If you do not know where to look, use the Winkey, and then type ncpa.cpl and enter to see the Connections Dialog window.


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I have a similar issue. My wireless icon in my task tray displays the incorrect one when I am connected. Un-installing my adapter(s) corrects the issue after rebooting (laptop automatically re-installs them) but after rebooting once again, the incorrect icon is back.

I've never had this laptop connect via Ethernet cable.

Any ideas? Thanks!

- Dale

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