internet connection but cannot access the internet

I am having a problem with my laptop ( Obv). my laptop picks up a connection but i cannot access the internet on anything. It was working fine earlier today, after downloading an update for Windows 7, now i cannot get onto the internet. I do not know what i am doing wrong... I have looked at a few threads already and cannot find a solutiont o my problem. I saw that there was something about the firewall/antivirus system from a third party. I use norton tht you download from Comcast. It has been working fine till i turned my computer back on after the updates. Btw, It does not say anything about a limited acess. i have total access to the internet it is just not working.

just shut down every firewall and see if the problem goes away - if so you know where to look, right?


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Another thing you might try, if you really think that your problem is related to the Windows Update, then open device manager, expand network connection, right click the problem adapter(s), choose properties, select the driver tab at the top of the properties dialog box, and choose "Roll Back Driver" see if that helps.
In order to prevent Windows update from updating drivers in the future;
right click on "Computer" choose properties
in the left column choose "Advanced system settings"
in the system properties dialog box choose the hardware tab then
click the button that says "Device Installation Settings"
Then choose "No, let me choose what to do:
and then Never install driver software from Windows Update.
I have found that in most instances, if not all, device drivers are best obtained from either the computer manufacturer's website, or the actual device manufacturer's website and would only use Windows Updates for driver files if both the previous options failed.

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