Windows Vista Internet Connection Problems

Sorry about the late reply.
I would have thought that a reboot would have taken care of that.
What is the current status of the adapter
I tried both suggestions, same result, no signal detected by the driver.
The status is shown to be "working properly".

I am a little lost. Any other ideas please?

Not sure, refresh my memory, did you actually download and run the norton uninstall utility from here Link Removed - Invalid URL
if not please do so now, even if it appears to be uninstalled, there may be some remnants left over.
Yes I did. As soon as I did that, the wireless driver worked again, after that I installed MS Antivirus and everything worked until I updated Virus definition a couple of days ago. Just to be sure, I repeated the process today as you suggested but nothing. Just now, I also uninstalled MS Antivirus but still nothing.
I have also rebooted the wireless router twice, my other 2 laptops running XP Pro and XP Home are still running fine. I am connected to the LAN on this MSI laptop.t
Not sure what elsle to do now. Please help.
Make a note of the current ip addressing scheme of the wired adapter, write them down, then disable the adapter, and put those setting into the properties of IPv4 of the wireless adapter and see if it works.
I assuming that you are not getting a valid ip address for the wireless adapter, have you attempt to run the trouble shooter in the Network and sharing Center, just to see if it produces anything of value. If not try doing it after you disable the wired adapter just to see what happens.
Problem solved. In Properties/Advanced, there is a radio on/off button, it was OFF. Switch it to ON brought everything back to life.
This is not Function/F8 on the MSI to switch Intel wireless on/off, this radio switch seems to override it.
No idea why it was OFF! Could the virus definition upgrade made it? Could my wife switch it off accidentally? Possibly !
This is not my laptop, I only fix it if it goes wrong :)
Thanks for staying with me to troubleshoot, I appreciate your help.
Wow, glad to know that it's fixed again and thanks for posting back. I would sure like to see a screen shot of that particular property dialog box if you could post one.
Awesome, thanks. That's a Ralink card I think, I can't believe that the default for that setting would be disable, but if it is then uninstalling and reinstalling would definitely set it to default. Thanks again, I'll try to remember for next time.
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