Windows 7 Internet connections falls down after I log in and then it reconnects again

Koneko Yorura

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Jul 23, 2013
[h=1]Internet connections falls down after I log in?[/h] I got a new computer with Windows 7 about a week ago.
But every time I log in, I have my internet connection for few seconds and then it falls down. (I know I had for a short while it because the skype logs in for a moment or I even manage to launch mozilla with homepage sometimes.) Every time, it falls down for about a minute or two. I don't do absolutely anything to fix it, yet I have it again after those two minutes.
It is very annoying, especially when I gotta solve something quickly.

I think it might be somewhere in windows 7 settings and it does it itself... to maybe check something or so, but what do I know?

ANY advice is much appreciated. It drives me nuts already.
Thank you.
You get any message from Windows? Or, when the net goes down, can you get anything from Troubleshoot Problems, by right clicking on the Network icon?
No, not at all. That's the thing, I get no error or something like that, Windows behaves like it just should be this way.
If the connection worked well with your old computer, it's probably an issue with your new computer = hardware. It could be an issue with Windows updates, check you have the latest, but I doubt it. Even without updates, the "original" Windows 7 works fine.

You could try with another browser, but I wouldn't be so sure about that, either. Windows usually recognizes net connections quite well. One thing is cable connections, check them - plug off and in, everything is not bits, it's also about physical contact. Or a wire may have got twisted, or something, hard to tell from here.

If you have a USB3 netcard / stick, that could be a problem. It needs the latest updates from Microsoft.

Altogether: With a new computer, check your seller, and use the warranty. No need to fight a one-man-war. :)
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