Internet Explorer 32bit Creates a File on Desktop

I have a problem that seems to only effect the 32 bit version of my IE. When I run it, it automatically creates a file on the desktop. This file is unknown to windows and is differently named each time. Currently the example I have for you now is IÛt. The names that it creates are usually close to that one. No extension at the end, just that. When I open this file, it asks the usual, what do I want to use to open it, when I get it open this is what it contains,

2/14/2010 13:34:25|734|hComboIE7:0|hHookPC:0|hIFrame:0|hWndAddress:0|wndLong:0|wndLongCB:0|wndPC:1987358635|Ta bProcessID:0|TabThreadID:0|Message:SetSite(); before ReadParam()|Redirect:|Text:;

This does not happen when I use the 64bit version and I would just use the 64bit version but it does not support some websites. It has not always done this, only after a few weeks after install it started.

Any help to rectify this would be appriciated.

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