Internet Explorer not remembering Login on many but not all sites

I have Windows 7 64 bit OS. Presently I am using IE8 and many of the sites (but not all) does not show the popup asking if you want to save the User name and password. The ones that do work fine and the login information is retained but most of the guitar and bass forums I have been on for years do not retain the information. Machines with Windows XP are fine. I have tried IE 9, Chrome, Safari. They all reat the same way which lead me to believe it is an OS problem. The admin tried to help with this but ended up stating "it must be a Windows 7 64 bit problem.
Can you please help or shed some light on this problem. It is so tireing re-entering every time you bring up Internet Explorer to view the forum. Facebook works fine. I am at a loss here.


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Have a look at these two IE8 possibilities.
Open Tools .- Internet options.
Under the "General" look at the central item "Browsing History" Make sure you have the square there UNticked.
Go along to the Advanced Tab and scroll down to the item under the Security section "Empty Temporary Internet..etc"

Restart IE and see if the problem is resolved.

Hi, thank you for your assistance here. Delete Browsing History on Exit box was and is never checked. I don't think you completed your thoughts in this sentence "Go along to the Advanced Tab and scroll down to the item under the Security section "Empty Temporary Internet..etc"" You don't say what to do there, just scroll down to the item, however the box is not checked. Here is the thought I have concerning this problem. As stated in my original post this happens with I.E. 8, Google Chrome, Safari, and now FireFox. I had a lightbulb go off in my head. I am going to see if something in Road Runner's security suite is not allowing them to retain the data. Unlike the other 3 browsers FireFox (just downloaded tonight) has the popup that asks "Do you want FireFox to save this information" . I click Yes but it still doesn't save them and as with the others Facebook and a couple more retain the data even though you do not get a message from the browsers asking if you want to save. If you get any more ideas please advise. I will check CA Internet Security Suite 2011. Thanks again, Gary

Appears it was the security suite. Firefox and IE8 are now retaining and I will try other browsers now.

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Thakypu for the feedback, Bubba.

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