Internet Explorer Win 7 Home Premium

I have been using the Firefox browser, switching to IE occasionally for some web pages. I started to go to
IE this morning and found that it has disappeared, it is not on my system anymore. The last I recall using it
was a week or so ago and all was well. I have no clue as to what has changed since then. I cannot find a
download for IE8, IE7 or any other IE version. The only one I found was for Win Vista 64 bit and it will not
install on my system, says it's not compatible.
My question: How do I get IE back????
Thanx, TomW

I thought it should be there "somewhere", too, but I cannot find it anywhere.
I have been to the page referenced (Internet Explorer 8 Windows 7 Security Features Malware Privacy)
and I click on "Download", it takes me to another page to make selections, Windows 7 is not listed in
the operating system selection box, Windows XP 64 bit is listed but it will not install.


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I'd try the Vista version for Win 7.

It would not install, either.
I get a dialog box that says IE8 is not supported on this operating system.


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Run a search on your system drive for the internet explorer executable:


That found it. Thank you.
I had tried searching for it but had apparently used some other search term. I found it with "iexplore" (no "r" on the end)
Again, thanks very much


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Excellent - thanks for the feedback.

Hi, I have the same problem to download IE8 for windows 7 home premium. Also, don't know why all the icon of the game in my game folder have appear likes below. Please could you help me to sort this out? Many thanks for your help. View attachment Doc1.docx

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