Drew how can I uninstall a net adapter? And how do I let it find it on it's own? I have had my computer on for over 4 hours inst that enough time? And @ reghakr I am running at 5 kbps.


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Feel free Drew:)


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Just thought of something.

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager,. look under Network adapters and let us know what's listed.


NVIDIA nForce networking controller

I looked at "Other Devices" and under it was Enthernet Controller. Bad?

And when I try to right click the adapter Local Are Connection all it has is disable, diagnose, bridge connections, create shortcut, rename, and of course properties.

Oh do you mean right click in device manager?


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In your first reply to me you you stated you just had a modem..

Where is this wireless connection coming from?

Which one is listed under Other Devices?

You never did answer my question regarding an update for NVIDIA nForce networking controller

My wireless connection is coming from my neighbor I asked if I can use my wireless card for acouple of hours on it.

Enthernet Controller is listed under Other Devices. And for the driver update for the nvidia nForce I do not know where to get it.

Hello, when I try to use my broadband connection it will ask me to login and which windows XP never did (I have just installed 7 last night) and I belive my ISP never gave me any of that information. And I am currently using a wireless connection right now.

Were you using your neighbor's intenet with XP? Looks like he has it password protected. I have used wireless internet hundreds of times from truckstops, starbucks, mcdonalds.. some let me on for free, others .. and in any shopping center you can find about a dozen possible connections.... require login name and password because they are not open to the public.

My wireless connection is coming from my neighbor.
So you are the reason my internet is lagging!

Ok.. that was a joke.


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Too bad he wasn't using Linux. There's a program that turns the screen upside down when someone is stealing your wireless connection:)

Too bad he wasn't using Linux. There's a program that turns the screen upside down when someone is stealing your wireless connection:)
It would be my luck that it would be MY screen that got flipped. I would be looking for a coat hanger and a flower pot screw to dangle my monitor from the ceiling.


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Or glue your chair to the ceiling.

OOOPs,. forgot about seat belt

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Thank you guys for your help! I have fixed it. When I uninstalled the nForce and I noticed where it said shutdown it had the symbol that there was an update. And now my sound and internet is fixed! Thank you guys for your help! :D


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Good work.

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