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Hello All,

Having 14 years of experience in IT industry, he is taking the company in its mission and growing it into a global community of creative entrepreneurs and their customers with his leadership. He keeps the business tight and together by his innovative thinking with strong strategic planning.
Howdy. I haven't been around in awhile, but I expect to be busy here soon. I have to make the jump from Win7 to 10 or 11, and I'm sure I'll have many questions.
i assume you actually mean Windows 8.1 but weclcome to the forum gameparadise
Hi. My name is Dennis Earl Smiley. I'm working on writing a language called PNF (Portable Numbers Format), and related tools. Can't seem to get objects straight yet, in my planned release.

Studying several things right now. Also fixing my network.
Hi Everyone! How did my mugshot end up on my profile already? Is this about Google cross-site cookies?

I am predominately a macOS and iOS user. Apple ecosystem all the way, baby!

Still, I need to learn about Windows. I’ve got Windows VMs going in Parallels and UTM on an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro with the M1 MAX processor. I can run SolidWorks on Windows 11 for ARM quite well.

Question for any of you more experienced guys: Where do I go for regular Windows ecosystem updates and news?
hi Des000, welcome to the forum and good luck getting your network working
@DominikHoffmann, we allow Mac users too ;)
general news = Windows News which is packed full of spam posts i know... Windows 11 isn't very popular because its still shit um beta but as more people are forced to use it + Apples M2 you can expect posts to grow

you can expect better results on your Mac if you step down to 10... as long as Gpu isn't needed but i assume you went w11 for work
anyway G'day and welcome
Hey folks, semi-pro techie here to pick up on tips an tricks for making my job easier. Currently one half of a two person dept. that tries to do it all and pull miracles out our butts on a shoe string budget and just enough experience to get us into trouble ;).