Is a anti-virus program needed?


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All I know is it's going to be integrated into WDATP, so don't know if it will just be a code port or re-write/update

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Cool thanks that's another good setup page!


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I like to control things. MS does not let us control things.
On occasions, I briefly disable the anti virus (eg when installing a program that i trust).
WD will not let us do that (or it turns itself on when it feels like it)
If you install Avast Free, it allows us to control it.
And it's presence prevents WD running.


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I need freeware, so I settled for the following:


Comodo Firewall with HIPS, auto-containment, etc.

Malwarebytes, Zemana, and eSet offline scanners for second opinion


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Sounds comprehensive Monk.. :)

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I've been using Webroot Internet Security Complete + Antivirus 2018 and Windows Defender for about a month plus and it's been great!
I used to use Kaspersky Internet Security. But I dropped it because of
1. Recent light on the compromise or cooperation with their software and Russian authorities.
2. The heavy footprint it had on my system and how it was just into everything.

I bought a 5 device license of Webroot off Amazon, it was a good price too $32. I was apprehensive at first because I'd been using Kaspersky for a few years. And it is known for having great security. However it's not very secure if it's compromised. Plus I like the fact that buying Webroot is buying American and hey what's wrong with helping out the home team right?


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I actually almost interviewed with Webroot their office isn't that far from me, well it wasn't before I moved south of Denver. I'm hoping Webroot will get an ELAM driver though, that would make a great product even better.

window defender is secure from malware and spyware virus
but it is not protected from trojan horse virus
I recommend using avg internet security antivirus
it is not heavy as compared to Kaspersky antivirus

Yes !! Antivirus program is needed in order to protect your system from viruses, malware and various ransomware attacks,These softwares helps you to kill all your infected files and make your system run smoother and faster.

I'm still totally satisfied with Windows Defender plus a VPN, and occasional scan with Malwarebytes free. Haven't had any kind of infection in a long time. Maybe I just dodged the bullet! I used Norton security previously and it was good, also. Decided not to renew because WD is doing a fine job.

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here's an interesting video demostration Malwarebytes Premium versus some malware. Not so bueno. I agree with the guy who made the video in that Malwarebytes is a good 2nd opinion scanner but not for main protection. And he says this because he did an interview with president of Malwarebytes focuses on the attack vector versus being spread via usb stick of email attachment. He's more technical in speech than I am so check it out if you're big on Malwarebytes, the more you know.

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