Is it Windows 7 worth the money?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by ugly charles, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Sep 27, 2009
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    In spite of the fact that Microsoft has pirated and exploited it's way to the top, they do deserve the credit for making a rather crude pile of hardware accessible to millions and millions of people. If you think Windows 7 is complicated and difficult you should have stared at the black DOS screen back in the day. It was nearly impossible to convince people that you could accomplish anything productive with a computer. Windows made it simple and opened the power of the computer to the masses. Maybe someone else would have done it... but when you go to the bank and they say... sorry we can't cash your check now, the computers are down.... you have Microsoft to thank.
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    Jun 11, 2009
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    Now I am going to play the devil here......

    As MS were so relentless in their pursuit of OS dominance (and I am not really saying they were not/are not) ,, and Apple really would have tried harder and gotten away from there elitist mentality (which they still have a lot of) and Linux (well back then, linux really wasn't an option in the Age of the birth of the GUI. But OS/2 was, and could have been.

    To be quite honest,,, if someone in Xerox had realized what they were sitting on and protected themselves better,, everyone would be bitching about the Xerox OS (hmmmm macOSX and X-OS? , interesting) and it's problems and failures and pricing.

    If it weren't Microsoft,,, it would be someone else. So, get over it, get used to it, pay the price or move on.

    beta was better,, vhs won,,

    HD-DVD was (some say) better ,, Blu-Ray won

    MS won. end of story.
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    Tepid, you are not the Devil :)

    1. It's a modern operating system but has too many windows.
    2. It has great instant search.
    3. The new Taskbar? Well, the default functionality is fine but..... what's not so elegant is how hidden icons in the far-right system tray are now housed in an ugly little pop-up menu.

    4. Windows Media Player - What's even more fun is the new "Play to" function, which can beam a locally-controlled audio playlist to computers that are part of your HomeGroup, DLNA devices like the PS3, or Media Center Extenders like the Xbox 360. Remotely shared libraries are also automatically detected off of DLNA or Home Server devices, and everything pretty much "just works".

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