Is my computer is infected with a virus?


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Please help-desperate.
Im runnig Windows Vista home Premium. My computer continuously restarts itself by taking me to a blue screen that says that windows is shutting down to avoid damaging my computer. For the past 5 months i have been running avg 0.8 virus protection but just recently it has not been operating correctly. it tells me that my virus protection is turned off. I have tried uninstalling it so i can Re install it but it gives me an error. Someone had told me to install a cleaner program to help clear out AVG but it wont download it, actually Ive noticed it wont complete ANY download. I'm aware that this is a lot of information and yet not enough specifics. All I need to know is if this sounds like a virus and if so how do I go about getting rid of it if I cant download programs?



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Hi blossom83,

your blue screen is probably more due to driver error than virus activity.
Try booting into 'safe-mode' (press F8 when booting) and if you actually get the machine to boot up then it's probably a driver error. You can either find the latest drivers or did your machine come with a set-up disk or a reset disk? If not please list what machine you have trying to give as much information as possible.

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