Is svchost.exe (WbioSvcGroup) safe? Should it be on my PC?

Hello everyone

Is svchost.exe (WbioSvcGroup) safe I found it working in the resources monitor?
Should it even be on my PC?

Some websites are saying that it steals biometric data and my laptop does have a fingerprint scanner on it.
If it is a virus how do I get rid of it?
I would also like to know where it came from? from a website that I just bought something from so I can report them. Is there a way of tracing it or something

Thanks Ben

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Svchost.exe is traditionally a general Windows function, hosting multiple actions. Thus, there may have been up to a dozen of them appearing, sometimes they've eaten almost all of CPU power. But not a real problem, though.

You can find a bit here,

If you want to have fingerprint identification, or eye scan in near future, then you just have to have them. But you can get rid of them too.

There are also Trojans in this area, but I would recommend you to use your Antivirus to find out about that. There is no real Big Brother function here, no one gets to your wallet... A safe way to deal is to uninstall any new software you have installed. To trace is detective work, not quite so simple.

Hope this helps a step forward.

Thank you very much that was very helpful

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