Is there a limit to upgrading RAM?


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I was thinking to add additional RAM on my computer to make it faster. I know that in some cases adding memory will not make any difference because there is a
certain limit with the motherboard, I am not sure if I understand how that works. Attached is the snippet showing my computer processor information. Can anyone clarify if I add additional RAM that will improv the speed?

Thank you.


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RAM will just let you cache more which can make things a little faster provided the data is in Ram. A faster drive will make more of a difference.


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My new Usus Laptop came with an 8GB chip soldered to the board and a removable 8 GB chip. Information about it says I can upgrade the removable chip to 16 GB but not 32. I think it might be about the double read thing but I don't know for sure.

Actually I'm only posting this as information for the forum. I don't even use all my existing Ram. I still can't wrap my head around gaming. I keep thinking I might try but somehow I don't. The only reason I have a gaming rig is because I love seeing my computer do everything real fast. I know it's a waste but what can I say.


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Sometimes the manufacturer will just spec it at what is currently available chip size wise. I've added twice the RAM that the board stated it supported without any issues. Operating systems will also have a limit but it's generally much higher than what's physically possible.


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First of all! More RAM does NOT make your PC FASTER!

It man handle stuff better, thus giving an illution of working faster.. Faster RAM-modules may do better..
Then there is a balance between how much MEMORY your pc actually need for the stuff you use it for.. Adding more than that will in the end do very little! so "more ram" is NOT an universal solution!

But as said: It´s often the motherboards chipsets that set a limit of how much RAM the motherboard will handle! So begin with checking your MB´s limits.. And consider changing to FASTER RAM, if possible!


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Upgrade your board, soldered in RAM? Decent cheap boards have slots for RAM, usually four. Each should handle 16gb, windows 10 helps, too. I've made 2x8gbs work with 2x4gb older good RAM. Slight help, more cached random access memory can't hurt. A good SSD drive is a very good idea as well.