Is there a Pro version of Windows for Surface 2?

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by mynameistrouble, Aug 10, 2014.

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    My trusty netbook needs to be retired after 5 years of hard graft, and I'm looking to replace it with a Windows-based tablet.

    My current preference is the Surface 2 (not the surface pro 2, for the avoidance of doubt). Battery life is key for me as I use it primarily in court, where I cannot use any plugs, and the Surface 2 seems to have the best battery life.

    My main concern is this - I need to have a professional version of windows to take advantage of the Bitlocker encryption; I handle sensitive data and therefore need my work device to have suitable security. I need to know whether the Surface 2, which I understand runs Windows RT, can be upgraded to a professional version of windows with appropriate encryption software. If not, does anyone know of any apps in the Windows store that would provide professional-level encryption as an alternative?

    Any help would be much appreciated - the IT guy at work has assured me I can upgrade RT to pro, but from my own research I don't think it can be done. I'm now very confused!

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    The Surface 2 has an ARM based processor which cannot run Windows 8.x Pro which requires an Intel x86 cpu. You might consider a Surface Pro 2 or the newly released Surface Pro 3 along with a Power cover which contains a secondary battery that extends the run time of the device. My son has a Surface Pro (original Surface Pro) with a Power cover and gets significantly more run time (MS claims up to 70%) with it than without.

    Link to Power Cover:

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