is there a way to change the links in the start menu?

The links on the right side of the start menu that point to music, pictures, etc... Is there any way to change them? My music is on a second drive, and I want that section to include my download folder. I can figure out how to remove things from being displayed there, but not to add new things.

I think you can not add a link. But you can change the content of an existing link. Click on "Music" and "Music library" opens. Click on "Includes: 2 locations" and you can add you locations of music on your second drive.


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Or maybe a little quicker. Right click music and select properties. You will see at the bottom of the window you have the option to include more folders. It works with all of the right hand items. You could rewrite the link, exactly as it appears, but with your new path, and then delete the old link.

Thanks guys. It takes care of part of the problem, but falls a bit short of what I wanted to do. Oh well.


I know in vista if you move the 'Music' folder it will redirect the link to 'Music' on the start bar and anywhere esle, but I know windows 7 has library's, so I don't no if you can move them.

I think in the later builds of Windows 7 you can use the "Library" feature to create independence from the actual Data and where it resides.

Finally getting like Linux distros where you just create a "mount point" say /music and the add your files to and directories under that mount point - doesn't matter what disk(s) the data is on.

You can always ADD stuff to the menu however -- once you've created your application right mouse click it and "Pin to start menu".


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