Is There Some Problems occured in Windows 7 SP 1 ??

Hi All Windows 7 Users ..
I want to survey Windows 7 SP 1 x64 or x86 SP 1 ..
Is there anyone here having problems when using Windows 7 SP 1 ??
I had installed Windows 7 SP 1 X64 in my Notebook ..
Still no problem occured ..
Hehe ..


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Welcome to the forums! Many individuals who come to this site have experienced problems with Windows 7, but that is the nature of such a situation. Rarely does someone come around just to talk about a computer operating system if they are not having problems with it. That being said, you could create a poll and add it to this post, to see if people are experiencing technical problems with Windows 7, or perhaps better, if they like Windows 7. Such polls have been created on the site before.

So if you see what I'm writing, most individuals will say that yes, they are having a problem. But that is why they came here to begin with. From my experience, most of the problems have been minor issues here and there. And that is usually due to a hardware problem or device driver issue (manufacturer support).

Windows 7 is a good operating system, and definitely performs well in 64-bit on the correct hardware. You have joined many of us who are running the 64-bit version, and it is great to be able to have extra memory support on the OS. As time goes on, it is continually hoped that there will be more and more 64-bit versions of applications. That is because, typically, these programs are written in such a way that they make better use of complex instruction sets.

We recently saw the release of Office 2010 in 64-bit and this was very good for 64-bit computer users, especially those running complex projects with this suite that require intensive calculation. It can also promote other software developers to write for 64-bit.

But yes, overall I believe you will find few issues. Think of it in such a way that many people would not review a movie or restaurant unless they thought it was terrible. Why waste the time? This is the same you may find here. Many support questions on-going.


Yeah ..
U're right ..
I am using Office 2010 x64 too ..
But i found a problem when i install office 2010 ..
When i right Click My Computer then choose Manage ..
It said that the file is corrupted ..
but if i run computer management from control panel ..
it's still running ..
Hehe ..

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