Is there someplace to find out what the monthly charges of Skype are?


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I assume it's no longer free, so I would kinda of like to know what I am getting into ahead of time.


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Great that helps a lot? I have been finding a lot of my friends use it, so I thought I might as well join them. I like your avatar of the Bass, since I go fishing for the big stripped Bass along the Delaware Bay. Just got a Grady White 23 foot last year. It will keep me busy this summer. Have great day.

Damn...nice boat! Ocean strippers can get really big. I've only caught river strippers in the 10 - 20 pound class....boy that was some fun. The boat manufacturer is only an hour and a half from where I live....


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I use Skype for everything, it's essentially my phone.

PC to PC is free, if you want to use it to call phones it costs about $30 a year to call from your PC, or iPad.
I use the same account for both my PC my wife's PC and our iPad all for $30.

If you want to have a Skype Phone, (I don't have one) then you will get a Skype phone number etc, and it will cost a little more.

But I use my Skype account on my PC everyday.

I play online computer games on my PC and talk to my friends on Skype while we play, it's great.
Some times we talk for hours for free, and the quality keeps getting better.


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Hi lorenkjr1,

Skype itself is an free. If you don’t get phone number and you only pay for the seconds you spend talking to someone.

If you're in the US you can get unlimited calls in one country of your choice for $2.95 a month, $5.95 and only landlines if you're in Europe (I know, sucks for us right).

Getting your own number seems to cost $18 for 3 months, but the above offer seems to include voicemail, which is a little strange.

The prices vary depending on where you are and who you want to call, so you're better off just going to and clicking the options that apply to you. Giving you all the options without knowing where you are and what you want to do would be a little pointless. Signing up at is free.

To know about Montly Skype charges Plan-


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When you set up your plan look for the option to pay yearly.
It does't show up until you get into the registration process, but it's there.

Then you only pay $29.50 automatically renewed once a year.

That's $2.46 a month.

For that fee I can call any phone in the United States and Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska totally for free and talk as long as I want.

My wife uses the same account on her laptop and her iPad, she calls her cousin in Arizona and talks for an hour or more from her laptop, no charge.

If you have a good camera microphone on your PC the quality it really great.
I use a Microsoft Lifecam, it picks up the sound clearly even if you are some distance from the microphone.

Sound coming in through my PC speakers is very clear.

I've been paying that way for more years than I can remember and they've never increased the fee (so far).

I don't know why they don't show this option up front but it's always been hidden in the payment options someplace.


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