ISO of DVD too big to burn on new DVD


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I have created ISO backups of all of my operating system installation disks that i use for my tech repairs in case i lost my bag and well.. i lost it. :(

So i am trying to burn my ISO backups of the install disks, however the created ISO's are larger than a regular 4.7 DVD and i have no DL's.. is there any way i can get this ISO to burn onto a regular disk. Quite strange i have never ran into this issue before. edit- Its only my Win7 disk it looks to be 200-300mb larger than it should.

Thanks in advance


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Are you using DVD-R or DVD+R?

DVD-R is approximately 7MB larger than DVD+R. I know 7MB is not much but it's enough to have once given me a similar issue to yours.

7MB would not be enough to cover the extra size of the ISO. From what i have found, an ISO of course, is an exact image of the disk And also the layout of the disk which is where the extra size comes from. I will just have to use a DL.. i was on-site at the time of post so i was scrambling to find a solution due to no DL.


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