It took me 17 hours, but I finally got windows 7 working.

I downloaded it, I installed it. No display on bootup. Downloaded and installed again. Nothing. Tried again with erasing everything on my hard drive (didn't back up, I was wasting enough time already). After a whole 12 hour day (i'm 16, summer break) at home, I still did not have windows 7 working.

THe next day it still wouldn't work. I had searched everything on the web (low res boot, etc). I then tried an old crt monitor. Holy crap. It worked. Then I tried my vga connection on my lcd. Success. Now the internet wouldn't work. Dammit.

I tried installing drivers. Wouldn't install. Then I tried switching out wireless cards with an old one. Unsigned drivers won't install (WHAT THE F*CK WERE YOU THINKING MICROSOFT!?!?!?!?).

Tried the unsigned driver remover program (google it), and then the device wouldn't boot (code 10).

I said screw it. I took a wireless card from another computer, and replaced my old card with this one. It was a linksys. If a LINKSYS wireless card wouldn't install on windows, I think that microsoft should go jump off a bridge. It wouldn't. Unsigned drivers. (Microsoft needs to make unsigned drivers work.) Tried the unsigned driver remover thingamabob. SUCCESSSSSSSSSS.

No more betas for me after this........

Which build did you download/install?

build 7100 (x64)

burned it using freeware iso thingy......

Anywho, it's pretty fast, crysis FLIES compared to my old vista (especially cuz I couldn't install 185.85 or above nvidia drivers), but this is great.

That's what a new OS should be. Even if vista looked exactly like xp, but it was significantly faster, I think people would have complained less.

Had I not been so stupid all I would have had to do is use the vga adaptor, and switch out wireless cards.

best windows yet. Plus, all these half-off deals are great.

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