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Windows 7 Itunes is sooo sllow


New Member
Jan 5, 2009
As i tried to sync my ipod it was only syncing 3 songs in 5 minutes. Tried a restore on the ipod the firmware loaded to the ipod fast, but the restoring from the computer is taking forever. The ipod has to wait on the computer for everything, and its taking forever. Any Ideas?
there is no issue with itunes x64. the only known issue is that, if you visit apple.com on windows 7 x64, it detects a 32bit system and gives you the 32bit version. you have to make sure you're getting the 64bit version.

I run itunes x64 without any problems.
I cannot get iTunes 64bit to work at all on my Win7 64bit build 7000, it just errors out when installing. the 32 bit version installs but will not sync my Iphone.

Any help in the right direction would be appreciated
Did you go from XP to Win7? It's a fact that iTunes runs slowly on Windows Vista and I'm guessing that would carry over to WIndows 7.
itunes does not run slow on vista either, it runs perfectly ^^

did you ever try reinstalling itunes? how large is your library? did you carry over your library from another system or another version of itunes?

do you only have problems syncing or is itunes itself running slow? have you ever tried copying something to another USB2 device (like an HDD?)
iTunes 64-bit runs fine on my system. I'm also having no issues with synching my iPhone 3G & iPod Nano 3rd generation.

The 64-bit version of iTunes can be downloaded here: Link Removed - Invalid URL