Windows 8 Join Domain and Live Tiles stop working


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Jan 17, 2013
Trying Windows 8 at work and bought new Samsung 700t tablet. Windows 8 works fine with local user (linked to live id) and all our software including Symantec Endpoint 12.1.2. As soon as I join to domain (server 2008) and reboot the live tiles no longer function. Have total reset several times and tried refresh and restore points. My guess is that has to be default behavior of Win 8 GPO compared to 2008 domain GPO. We are very plain on our policies and so far have not found anything on local computer or GPO that can correct issues. Any ideas?
Thanks but not a sql server issue. I mentioned server 2008 only as a reference to the domain forest level no sql server involved. Simply everything works until I join the computer into the domain and then live tiles fail for same local user as well as any domain users.
PC is trusted in pc settings and using same windows live account to login. Only thing that changes is pc joined to domain. Also then tried with domain user account (linked to live id account) and same result. Once joined to domain no live tiles function.
I think I have it after additional event viewer digging. Access Denied was the common thread. We have a GPO that provides "everyone" Full Control on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. Not smart and was very surprised that this was here but need to find out why before changing it. At any rate in Windows 8 Explicit Permissions are required in quite a few areas. I seems that since "All Application Packages" was not Explicitly given permission that group was implicitly denied. I used regedit to give "All Application Packages" control to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and then after reboot Live Tiles worked!
Much thanks for updating your post. Glad to hear you found a solution.. :)
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