Windows 8 Just added Windows Media Center to Win 8 RP


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Oct 16, 2009
I just added it and so far, things seem to be running normally. I will assume Microsoft decided to leave it out in order to shrink the install footprint of Windows 8 for mobile devices....

I was a little surprised when the RP was shown to not include Windows Media Center. Since I had thought about using it on a HTPC, that would have been or will be unacceptable. Whether Microsoft is going to charge to add it after final release, is yet to be seen. Hopefully, they will allow adding the normally included utilities without having to pay extra.
Agreed.. It would be a tad crazy really what with all the free stuff they do..
Can't help but wonder what OEMs like Dell and HP are going to do with their PCs that they sell that are more or less Media centric machines. Wonder if we'll be seeing a Windows 8 Media Center Edition and they'll just eat the cost of the upgrade or perhaps provide third party solutions to handle that. Curiouser and curiouser.
With the few versions Microsoft will make available, I doubt they'll go through the trouble of making a Media Center Edition.
Once word gets out that MC is not included, OEMs will most likely have that as an install option for the customer and hopefully at no extra charge, and/or the forums will be flooded with questions on how to get it back and we've got that covered, thanks to kemical.
I saw/read an article about a week ago stating that Media Center will be available in Windows 8 via the "Add Features to Windows 8" control panel, which BTW, used to be the Windows Anytime Upgrade.
They are also dropping support for DVD playback in WMP.
There will be a Windows 8 Media Center Pack and a Windows 8 Pro Pack which Media Center is included with DVD playback, but not in Media Player.

The $40 upgrade for Win 8 Pro also will include the Media Center add-on for no additional charge.
Yes. As best as can be determined at this time. The Windows 8 GA (General Availability) will be on or about that date. Always subject to a push due to some unforeseeable circumstances which might result in some delay, although I suspect that with the Holiday Shopping Season fast approaching at that time they'll likely hit that date.
Going to be a busy time in the Halls O' Microsoft. Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 RT / Surface, hoping to see Windows 8 Pro / Surface (then or shortly there after), Windows Phone 8, all expected to make their debut about the same time.
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