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Hello, my friend has a Emachine E627 with windows 7. Whenever her battery dies, if she starts up her computer, her windows 7 user account is gone. This does not occur when just turning off the computer normally, or when she is plugged in to a power outlet. I realize that ideally, it is not preferred for a computer to be shut off because the battery died, but it happens and a user account should not be lost every time due to this. So any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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Are her power settings set to run the battery dry before "crashing"? Or do they put the computer to sleep/hibernation/turn it off somewheres around 7%?

Hmm good question. I don't know actually. Where do I go to make the computer power off just before the battery is completely dead? I know windows 7 has power settings, but isnt that just how long till it goes to sleep and stuff? How do I actually make it so at 5% battery life the computer shuts off. And then wouldnt the issue just happen again if she were to turn it back on not realizing the battery was low, and then it died completely?

This seems like a way to avoid the problem. Is there any way to actually fix it?


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You can change these settings by opening the start menu and typing "power options. Then beside the selected power plan, select "change plan settings" and then "Change advanced power settings" Now expand the "battery" section and ensure there is a percentage set for critical (and/or) low battery level. You can also change the default options (example, at 5% put the computer to sleep instead of hibernation.


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As for a fix, if that doesn't do it, i'm not entirely sure on what we can do next.


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That is the oddest complaint I have ever heard!
The user account is permanently on the hard disk. It has little to do with power settings. I wonder if she has hibernate enabled. This could, under some circumstances, be the cause. Tell her to test it, if it is enabled, by temporarily disabling. She could also try disabling sleep mode, but I doubt that is connected to the problem.

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