Keyboard not functioning

Kishan Majethia

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Hello all, I have windows 7 starter installed in my hp netbook. Today morning I started laptop ans saw that keyboard keys are not working. I searched internet for the solution and found battery replaced solution and reset bios settings solution.

But both solutions are not being working. My windows is locked and ease of access is also not opening so that I can use on screen keyboard.

Is there any solution to this. Please help...


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Does it work when you are in BIOS but not in Windows? Than Windows may have wrong drivers. Can you try your keyboard on a different port, so that Windows needs to reload the drivers?


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First you have to mention. What kind of keyboard you are using.
1) if your are using external, You have check your keyboard by connecting your keyboard in some other system.
2) If you are using laptop keypad. First you have to check in bios. If it is working, you have to check the driver and setting in your OS. and also make sure by use any external keyboard whether it is working or not. There is a possibility of hardware and OS driver Failure.