keyboard shortcut to hide/unhide Navigation Pane in Explorer?

Anybody know a native keyboard shortcut that will hide/unhide the Navigation Pane in Explorer? Something like how Alt + P works to hide/unhide the Preview Pane?

I have a netbook and sometimes I need more horizontal space so its nice to hide the navigation pane temporarily.

thanks for the link. It appears the answer is NO, there is not a native shortcut. Major oversight on Microsoft's part.


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The above page will provide an answer of sorts though...


shift tab shift tab down L N

is not really a shortcut. or I got to install a program and create some script = ridiculous

but, I do appreciate thenlink :) It did answer my question


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Yes. Could be viewed as an omission. If I need more space I have now got used to just quickly dragging it clear to the left. Not mentioned here, fwiw, but most certainly not what you are looking for - You can turn it off completely through the Tools - View.

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