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Today's commercial product was just recently announced and is something pretty new and interesting...

KinemotoSDK just released! (Kinect v2 in the browser)

We're proud to announce the release of our first product that is now also available at the Unity Asset Store:!/content/35136

We use the SDK to create all our own Kinect v2.0 games and think it can benefit the dev community. The $30 fee we ask for the package allows us to maintain and support the SDK. The USP of this SDK, in combination with the Kinemoto server (Windows 8.1 only), is the fact that it allows you to run Unity apps within a browser and still use the different Kinect streams.

We created a dedicated developer page that contains several tutorial video's to get you started. Have a look at

If your interested in this SDK and want to check it out, let us know. We give away vouchers to non-profit organizations or people that help us improve the product by providing valuable feedback ...

Project Information URL:

KinemotoSDK (Kinect Web Player)

his KinemotoSDK enables developers to use Kinect enabled Unity apps/games in the Unity Web Player. With the KinemotoSDK developers can easily add Kinect streams to their app/game, make use of Kinemoto functions and methods and build for Unity Web Player and Standalone.

Developers only need to download and install the KinemotoServer and voila!

The currently available streams are: Body, BodyIndex and Color. More streams will be added over time.
Future releases also include WebGL and Android support.

Getting started

In order to work with the KinemotoSDK, you need to download and install the SDK, Kinect drivers and KinemotoServer first.

Have a look at our video tutorials!

Project Information URL:

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