Unity Asset - Kinect v2 with MS-SDK Tips, Tricks and Examples

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    For the last couple weeks I've been highlighted the Kinect Unity Assets of Rumen Filkov (aka RF Solutions), Unity Asset - Kinect [v1] with MS-SDK and Unity Asset - Kinect v2 with MS-SDK.

    Today I'm wrapping up the series by sharing a great blog post from Rumen on using his “Kinect v2 with MS-SDK” asset...

    Kinect v2 Tips, Tricks and Examples

    After answering so many different questions about how to use various parts and components of the “Kinect v2 with MS-SDK”-package, I think it would be easier, if I share some general tips, tricks and examples. I;m going to expand this article in time with more tips and examples. Please drop by from time to time to check it out.

    Table of Contents:

    What is the purpose of all manages in the KinectScripts-folder
    How to use the Kinect v2-Package functionality in your own Unity project
    How to use your own model with the AvatarController
    How to make the avatar hands twist around the bone
    How to utilize Kinect to interact with GUI buttons and components
    How to get the depth- or color-camera textures
    How to get the position of a body joint
    How to make a game object rotate as the user
    How to make a game object follow user’s head position and rotation
    How to get the face-points’ coordinates
    How to mix Kinect-captured movement with Mecanim animation
    How to add new model to the FittingRoom-demo


    Project Information URL: http://rfilkov.com/2015/01/25/kinect-v2-tips-tricks-examples/

    Finally, remember the Unity Asset Store is your friend... For example, check out all these Kinect Assets


    Contact Information:

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