Laptop Keyboard and Mouse not working properly

Laptop Keyboard and Mouse is not working properly now. Last time this occurred which was about 3 months ago, I reset-ed Windows 8 and it was all working again. When this occurs, in both incidents, I can't go to bios, can't enter password to login, can't open on-screen keyboard(except sometimes), and even if I get open, using it is same as using the keyboard.

Mouse errors:
LMB changes to Select all thing so I can't click anything. This issue is same at least most of the time.

Keyboard errors:
This varies a lot from time to time.

I reset-ed OS this time too and the problem still exists unlike before.
Ex: I'm not sure this key is this or not, but it was I think Z is ctrl, x is alt, a don't work, ctrl, alt, shift don't work. Then, keyboard itself keep on pressing space or opening windows help and support.

And then I updated my BIOS and now the problem was a little bit solved or I think it would be best to say the problem changed bit.
Now z,x,a, spacebar, ctrl, alt, shift, everything working,except ! and maybe a few other keys, but now It keeps pressing caps lock, shift and opening up windows help and support.

Then I restarted, and now I pressed F2(BIOS) and it let me in. I tried changing the boot priorty order but those keys F5/F6 aren't working, so I restarted, now again I can't press F2.

And sometimes laptop beeps for some reason on booting up.

There are no keyboard drivers except the default one and sticky and filter are all off.

Hope you can help me.


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And sometimes laptop beeps for some reason on booting up.
How many beeps, 1, 2 or 3?
Try plug in a usb keyboard... does it have the same issues with keys?

How many beeps, 1, 2 or 3?
Try plug in a usb keyboard... does it have the same issues with keys?
I don't know how many beeps because it doesn't seem to beep anymore, at least for now.
I don't have a usb keyboard to plug in, but I think it would work, because there's been a lot of changes after a few hours of rest laptop had.
1. Mouse seem to work perfectly normal.
2.Unlike before, On-Screen keyboard works perfectly.
3.Some keys still don't work but there has been big improvements. Many keys that didn't work correct works perfectly now.
Ex:Windows button brings Win+Q function. F2 does Ctrl. S does SHIFT. Q does CTRL. W does ALT.
If F2 works as it should, I can get into BIOS. One time I did get in, by movement controls were stuck. Since this problem exists even in boot up, it's no way a problem with OS, right?
So what should I do, you think?


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Without a separate keyboard its very hard to say if its hardware or a driver issue… specially since you have mucked around with flashing the bios.

I suggest boot to a Linux… don't install it but just boot from the disc or usb as that will not touch the current keyboard driver and will confirm if the hardware is working.

I have Ubuntu in my USB, but it's not booting. It's booting priority is 3 and I can't enter bios. It loads HDD.(1-HDD, 2-CD), so is there anyway I can boot up the USB without entering the bios,(there's no f12 button). If there's something I can do inside the Windows OS to change priority or boot USB or something like that?(because there I can use on-screen keyboard, without it I have only limited keys.)


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I suppose if you physically replaced the hdd with a new blank one then the bios would detect the usb because the others wouldn't have any bootable media anymore… to be blunt, that’s getting silly.

To be clear, I still think a $10 usb keyboard from someplace like ebay is the best solution.


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If you have another computer that you can work on make a Ubuntu DVD and boot to that.
If everything works in Ubuntu, then it is probably a Windows driver issue.

If you can get access in Windows, you can try uninstalling the Mouse and Keyboard in Device Manger and rebooting.

Windows should detect the device reinstall and configure it with the correct drivers.

Don't do them both at the same time, I'd try the mouse first and then the Keyboard if it works with the mouse.

You don't want to have them both not working at the same time.

If you get it working be sure to make a restore point so you can reset the registry quickly if it continues to happen.

It's possible that this is some kind of physical problem and not software related, I wouldn't have flashed the bios that's always kind of risky.

What kind of laptop, and how old is it


Thank you both for your help. Keyboard was the problem, now the problem's solved.

One more thing,
What kind of laptop, and how old is it
Acer Aspire 5755. maybe 1 1/2 years old.

USB keyboard is working properly in Windows, but it can't be used to open BIOS(F2). It might be because USB Legacy is off, but I'm not sure if it's on or off. And I've tried all 3 USB ports in the laptop and none works.

[There is no PS2 port in laptop.]

1.So how do I get into BIOS now?
2.I'm not sure whether I will do it or not, probably not, but if I reset BIOS, will USB Legacy turn back on or simply put, will the keyboard work?

It was keyboards fault again, F2 works now.

Thank you.

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I'd replace it for about $10… somewhat tricky but be safe | sure to match the language up so the bios doesn't need to be flushed again.

The uk one is what I like but these two are cheapest I could find on ebay;

The Russian keyboard =

The United States keyboard =

New Keyboard made all things right. I think everything's now good.

Thank you.

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