Laptop Motherboard Issue!

i have a dell inspiron m5030 laptop. when i boot it up, there's a blank screen, and beeps. 7 beeps to be exact, indicating that there's motherboard failure. i read a fix on dell's website, quoted as follows:

I was having the same issue with mine for a month, tried contacting Dell, nothing. For anyone still having this problem or for anyone who has just started having this problem, here's what I did. I tried an old Xbox 360 trick, I wrapped the laptop in a comforter, making sure to cover any air inlets on the laptop. I pressed power and let it run in the blanket for ten minutes. After that I let it cool, and did it again for fifteen minutes. I let it cool completely, then tried booting it up and it worked! Mine runs without any hiccups now. Also when I did the blanket, I disconnected the laptop's speakers so it wouldn't drive me insane.
i did this fix, and it worked! but now everytime i shut down my laptop afterwards, i have to do this fix to hop on. anyone have any suggestions for more of a long term fix?

thanks in advance.


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Other than replacing the motherboard??? Nope.
My guess is that you have an open circuit which could be anywhere on the mainboard ( a bad copper tracing, cold solder joint, etc.,) and that heating the laptop as you are doing is producing sufficient expansion to allow it to connect.

thanks for the support and reply trouble.

but fortunately there's a free fix for this issue. :)

since this is a common problem for people with the same laptop and model, and most likely dell's fault, they're willing to repair my laptop... free of charge! lucky me, huh?

thanks again trouble. :)


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Well you certainly can't beat "free".
Be sure to backup any critical data to an external resource before sending it off for repair. You never know what you might be getting back.


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Ditto on that suggestion, Trouble!


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