Laptop Problems

Hello everyone,

I noticed for about a week that when I log on to Windows,
it takes what seems to be 3-5 minutes to respond to
start menu pop up and applications (Icons) on Desktop.

I tried the following solutions with no success:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Scan (No viruses Found)
Disk Clean Up
Disk Defragmenter
Local (C:) Hard Drive Scan For Error or Bad Sectors,
Registry Cleaner/Repair
System Memory Test Scan
Unchecking Start Up Programs
Uninstalling Programs That I don't use regularly

I'm still having to wait for a brief moment or moments
before I am able to click on Start Menu or Application Icons.
In the meantime of waiting, it freezes up and doesn't respond normally.

I also have small bright white blotches or (marks) on my right upper LCD Screen.
I think it could be dead pixels, but I'm not sure.
What do you think it could be and can it be fixed?
I've come to the conclusion that I might have to get LCD screen replaced.

I have a Hewlett Packard g7 Notebook PC; bought 04/03/2012
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Service Pack 1
AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.50 GHz
Quad Core Processor
I have a 500 GB Local (C:) Hard Drive (441 GB usable)
I have 295 GB out of 441 GB on Local (C:) Hard Drive
I have 6.00 GB System Memory Ram (5.48 Usable)

What could be causing the slow response time
and can it be fixed somehow?

Thank you for any advice and suggestions you may provide.

Does it happen EVERY time? Sometimes during start-up (after the disk/memory checks when your waiting for the windows7 colors to appear, but before getting to logon screen I will get a vry long pause)... however its occasional and I am pretty sure it coinsides with windows updates, so its just configuring.

How many processes and services are running once the computer is started?
Do a lot of them require internet connection, do you have a good connection?
Do you get anything showing in event viewer?
Have a look through your services and see whats running/started and whats not.

I dont know about HP but I know Dells can sometimes be very slow because of all the free/advertising **** they put on them, and it seems to get worse as time goes by.

It sounds like you have already checked this if you have disabled a lot of startup stuff. Its always worth looking through the process list and finding out what everything is, you can often find stuff you don't need.

What happens when you start in safe mode?

As for the pixels, dead pixels are normally pretty easy to spot (clearly defined with stright precise edges), Im not sure if "white blotches" would be that, maybe read through this thread:

Dead pixels :( ???????????

and see if it gives you any pointers.

My HP laptop has the same components in it. The only difference is that I downloaded all the drivers from HP, formatted the hard drive and made a 100GB C drive and a 365GB D Drive. I also have 8GB memory (more on that). I've gone through and turned off every running process that I can, I've turned off almost every bit of Win 7's selling point... useless flash, I run Perfectdisk every week, run Avira Antivirus Premium's deepest scan weekly, I use as many portable applications as I can, I use Firefox and have it set up to delete everything when I close it, I run Ccleaner every time I close Firefox, I have updates and system restore turned off. My point is that I try to keep my computers clean and conflict free. Every time I turn my laptop on it still takes a while before you can actually do anything. I believe there are two causes here.

1. The CPU isn't very good. I would have been much better off with an Intel 2.3GHz i3-2350m dual-core. Considering that more software is written for 2 cores than 4, and some times only 1, I could have had 2 faster cores working more of the time. Now I have 2 1.5GHz cores working while 2 sit idle. This doesn't effect me too much though because my laptop is little more that an MP3 player for work.

2. They say Win 7 loads faster, but really it just shows you your wallpaper faster. People think that just because they can see their icons then everything is loaded up. The next time you turn your laptop on, look on the side and see how long it takes for the activity light to go off. Win 7 takes forever to load, especially compared to XP. About the memory I mentioned earlier. When I reformatted and reinstalled Win 7, I installed the 64 bit version. My laptop ran like crap. I reformatted and installed the 64 bit version 3x, and they all ran like crap. I reformatted for a 4th time and put in the 32 bit version and the difference was like night and day. It really felt like a different computer. I did that stupid Windows Index thing and every single score was up... my cpu was up a whole point. I still have the 8GB of memory installed, but because I'm using the 32 bit I can only use 3.5GB of it.

As for the "small bright white blotches", they could be dead pixels. You can try this Dead Pixel Tester, it will be easier to see them. (It says it's good up to XP, but it does work with 7.)

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