Limited internet connectivity

I have a computer running windows 7 that is having internet connectivity problems.
AOL desktop is loading and connecting to the internet fine. Internet explorer will load the home page most of the time (Google) then not connect to any other site. Fire Fox (recently installed) will also connect to home page fine (google, sometimes MSN when i change it) Yahoo mail will load main screen but then not open any mail, and will give sporadic internet connection problems. Other web pages will not open at all and I get the limited connectivity screen.

A check of my internet connection through network and sharing screen shows no problem, though some times this screen also shows limited connection, not always though, and when I test it with a web site that will not load in the browser it comes back no problems found.

I have been trying to resolve this problem now of limited internet connectivity for over a month. (And NO way can I delete the AOL desktop, I tried to get my parents to access AOL through another browser and they hated it and made me reinstall the AOL desktop.) Still that shouldn't be the cause as they have been able to access both AOL desktop and IE with no problems for the last two years.

Normally I have no problems fixing computer problems though I am not a expert on the latest computers.

The computer runs windows 7 home premium as installed by the factory.

My parents use AOL desktop and have been for years, then when then need to access Yahoo mail, face book, and gogo games use Internet explorer. The AOL desk top is for AOL.mail only. That has worked for them sense I got them this computer back in 2011 with no problems. I use AVG free for virus protection nothing else.

Re-setting the advanced security options on IE to default and deleting all cookies did nothing to help.
Setting the proxy server to no proxy on Firefox has been no help.

Internet explore stopped a month ago, then loaded Fire Fox, it worked for a few days then stopped as well.
AVG lately also stopped connecting to the internet.

I have run full virus scans - nothing.

There is nothing installed new on the computer I checked, only firefox on 11-22.
I deleted AVG 2014 and all other AVG products this has not helped either. I read it might be a problem.
I have all firewalls turned off. The computer is connected directly to the internet modem (Hughes net).

Any suggestions would be welcome.

I have hesitated going into the registry but am capable if need be.


Problem solved:

I disconnected and turned off my hughes net modem then after a good thirty minutes break turned it back on. I had done this multiple times previously after trying a fix. It seems removing AVG 2014 and or AVG safe search was what it took to fix my problem, as Fire fox has been running with out any glitches for a good hour plus. Strangely I had also downloaded Google chrome and tried to install it, it would not install, well Google chrome just popped up working as the internet problem was fixed, in icon just showed up on the bottom task bar. Kinda strange.

For Virus I installed Avast free and it installed okay and found nothing wrong. A quick check with Internet explorer and Google chrome has shown no problems with them either.

I turned back on the windows fire wall and defender and both those are working okay. Having them on or off before made no difference.

This kinda concerns me and bugs me as I have been using AVG for years with out any problems. MY personal PC uses AVG with Windows 7 with out any problems. My lap top also uses AVG with Windows 8.0. But I just know now I will not allow my AVG on my PC's to update to 2014 version.

I hope this can help others who are having problems with internet connectivity, I sure read a lot of stuff out there.

I will update if the problem returns


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