Windows 10 Does Windows 10 still have internet connectivity issues?


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Hey, guys! I have a question. My family and I have two desktops and three laptops that are all running Windows 8.1. With that being said, they all have had internet issues. They have all had other issues, but I guess I've grown to accept the way Windows is at this point. Anyway, I know it's not our internet because our phones and my Mac all work flawlessly.

Do you guys know if they have fixed these issues?

Thanks for the help!

- Alex


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All I can tell you is that I haven't had any issues with my connection, and I've used Windows 10 for the better part of a year.
I can't say that's true for others but I haven't seen a lot of discussion about it.

My connection is wired, but my wife's laptop is wireless and it seems to be working fine.



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I would say if you are having problems in 8.1, 10 won't help unless it may have a newer driver which you may have not installed on the other systems.

I run 7, 8.1 and 10 and have no connection issues, but some folks do and it usually depends on the Networking device.

Hopefully all of your machines have not contracted some type of malware or adware.


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I go with the above no issues I have been using win10 since last October. My DT was win7, laptop win8.1, phone win phone, and android tab. None of these have had internet issues.
This is not to say others have not had issues just that the OS type does not necessarily cause the problems you are experiencing.


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What you could try is uninstalling the Network Adapter in Device Manager and rebooting.
This will cause Windows to re-detect, reconfigure it and install what it thinks are the correct drivers for it.

That should get you to the standard setup that works for most people.
It's possible that you picked up something in the upgrade that's causing problems.



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IME most people having network issues with 10 are really stuck in a ip4 world from xp or 7 and just need some help learning the new system... Yes some people need a driver but most the people I see have out-dated hardware/ software or don't understand the new way to do things.

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