Windows 11 Linux has been installed on top of Windows 11


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Dec 12, 2022
It's a HP ProBook laptop. It was purchased from HP. There was Windows 11 installed on it. However, I installed Linux on it after wiping it clean. In Virtual Box, I have a VM installed. So I am asking should I just use Linux and VM Widows 11 or should I reinstall Windows 11? I liked Win 11. It is one of my favorite versions of Windows yet... In the past, I had a lot of experience with Windows. Suddenly, I feel totally helpless and vulnerable, as if I am asking to be victimized. I feel like Linux is a fortress.
Common misconception. Linux is not really anymore secure than Windows. Based on the standard for measuring operating system security all modern versions of Windows and even back to NT days and many Linux distros maintain the same EAL rating. I would say go with what ever configuration you want
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