Windows 7 Local Drive "Access is Denied" Error


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Whenever i try to access my 2nd HDD partition's, it says 'Access is Denied'. I have a dual boot of Vista, XP and Windows 7. All say Access is Denied when i try to access them. The weird thing is, i can still access some Shares from those drives. I noticed it when i used XBMC and i could still watch videos from these partitions.I cant take ownership in Windows or in Safe Mode. The Files seem to be there, but there seems to be no way to access them. Any ideas? edit: nevermind, i think i got it. I went to the Security Tab and Changed the owner to me. I've had go through a lot of folders and Take ownership of them, but i think i got it working. No idea how the owner got changed just on those partitions.
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MS issued a 'hotfix' for issues relating to Folder/Security Access permissions; it was released via Windows Update on Friday; if you haven't set your Wind Updates to automatically download, go to 'check updates' and you should find it waiting there for you. This should solve the problem :)