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May 6, 2009
While trying to add my netork print I scewed up. How to you remove added ports inW7?? Anyone know? Right clicking on the white space in the printer area does not bring up an administrtor context menu offering.
I know I've done this before, but can't remember the exact location. I don't have a printer installed on my 7 machine, but isn't there an option when you add a printer to right-click on the actual port itself and see if there is an option to disable or delete?
Like I said, you would do this under Vista, but there is no option under Windows 7.

Found the answer; NOT a freindly one

Launch printmanagement.msc

Navigate to the local machine Ports area

Delete the other port first, then delete the Local Port

Now add the other port back.

This needs some work to make it easer
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Nice work!

There is another feature of Windows 7 that I always have a hard time locating it through Control panel

So I go to Start > and type optionalfeatures.exe and it brings up a dialog box where you can remove some components of windows. Like the old Add/Remove Features

Internet explorer (for those of us who prefer Firefox)
Media Center (if your computer does not have this feature)
Windows Media Player
Windows DVD Maker (warning message here, so I didn't remove it)
Internet printing
Windows Fax & Scan
tablet PC Components
Windows Gadgets
Windows Search (warning message here as well)

They do a good job of hiding it from the average user.
I tried the printer management thing, but get error saying
MMC could create the snap-in

I am trying to install a HP 1010 printer which is on anothe rmachine and I have to connect via the network to it.

I did try to install it before I found this forum. When I go to program and features the printer is not there anymore but when I follow the instructions given at Printer sharing with Windows 7 64 bit I cannot set the printer up because it tells me that the port I want to create already exists.
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