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Hi Veegertx

That sound great, I think I'll have a go at that when I get some time.
I made a bookmark.
I'll have to design a new screen of my own, maybe something that goes with my startup sound.



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K Mike it's easy
Heres mine at 1920 x 1200 is all you need which can be resized easily. Just create folders and drop it there.

Actually if you don't like the sound instead of hacking dll you can disable it :applaud: reg below
Bad problem hacking dll is you run sfc /scannow and it replaces originals I have found. Even when I went to great lengths to replace every single one of my hacked dll's in an install.wim that install's Win 7

I just very much disliked that startup background MS put on Seven I worked on that quite awhile seeking out and destroy.

;54 Disable Windows Startup sound


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Your login screen looks great.

I changed my startup sound because I wanted it to match my sound theme.
All my Windows sounds were created by using the Lucy computer voice from Acapala.
I.e. my sound for Question is “What’s up with that!” ect.

I tried changing the Windows login screen.
I went through the whole process but nothing changed, I’ll mess around with it tomorrow.
I notice that is says the file should be no bigger then 256 k, I don’t know how you do that with a 1600 by 1200 pixel image.

It doesn’t say that my native resolution is supported 1920 by 1200.



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I didn't have my resolution just the 1920 in there and rebooted and it was on. Mine is only 76kb.
Right click the jpg and edit.

View attachment 11455

Choose that and go to properties. Resize
Perhaps you need same resolution as current desktop or all them sizes in that post.


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That's not what I mean.

Any image that is in RGB and 1920 by 1200 is going to be about 6.6 megabytes uncompressed, it's just a function of the image size independent of resolution.
The Pixel Size and the type of image, I.E. RGB, Grey Scale, B/W determine the size of the file.

Windows own background image is 2.25 megabytes and is 1024 by 768 RGB Bmp .

To be RGB 256 k the image can't be bigger then 340 by 250 pixels uncompressed.

I think the 256 k thing must be a mistype or something.

I may have found part of the problem but I'm going to start a new post since this involves a whole new issue.



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I don't remember how to compress the image but forget them real things. My image i supplied is 1920 but 76kb. I'll have to look and see how I done that


Sorry for being absent from class I am know back and would like to say a big thank you for your help and adviceon the boot & log on screens, I will need a short time to complete this project because in my own words "I don't want to bugger it up" (break it).

I remember vaguely on Win98 it was a particular file that you could change in paint to a jpg and when completed just save it and put the prefix back to .dll but that was years ago.

Again thank you very much and as soon as completed I will let you know the result.


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WB and 30 lashes with a wet noodle. :rofl: Try the instructions in above Gary

Mike opened another post about permissions on these folders/files. These work for me but they were installed with an Unattended which gave me full permission on them

Hi just a short update,

I followed the online tutorials to change the boot up & end screens with great success (it's easy) when shown (thank you) & I am chuffed (pleased) to bits with myself.

below is my backupdefault screen, its not too clear at the moment as the photo I took had to be reduced then enlarged, the guitar is a custom fender telecaster 1999 (it's mine) , the size of the image is 2485 x 1864 pixels & 245kb, I have reduced the size to paste on here as only half the picture fitted on the screen.

reduced yo 63.9kb
View attachment 11811


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Fender was a good one. I don't play myself but know of it.
Mike had started that but I explain about using Irfanview to change first resolution then step down the image size resulting in nicer images
Watch when install Irfanview it wants to install a toolbar..

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