Lock up at win start up screen after installing updates

Ok, so my computer has recently been locking up upon start-up, when the windows logo is flashing it will just freeze and require restart. The only way I've been able to remedy this is by doing a system repair or restore. Before I can get to these I must turn off my computer and unplug it for 15 minutes or so, then it will allow me to do this, otherwise the computer will lock up when trying to load the repair screen.

I've noticed first that this would happen when the computer would automatically install updated drivers for me Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 . I thought this was the root of my problem so I turned of auto install, but he problem would reoccur. I then noticed that windows auto updates where also installing every time I turned off the computer before this lock-up would occur. So I know that updates are locking up my computer, but don't know why.

Yeah. Please do not ever allow Windows Update to install video drivers. It's the quickest way to ruin (software-speaking) a system.

Always update from NVIDIA.com. I'd do so now, to make sure it is the latest from their site.

What has happened to you is a common occurance in relation to video drivers.

Nope, I have tried that with no success. I have tried many different things similar to downloading the updates from the site, and doing one install at a time and they all result in locking up. I'm going to try a full system restore now that I have backed up my hard drive. Any other suggestions before I try this?

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