Windows 7 Login problems


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I find myself unable to get past the login screen. Windows boots normally, it doesn't hang or takes me to the login screen as expected, and I type my password in as usual. It accepts this without error, so I know my password isn't wrong or anything like that...but after displaying the 'welcome' message and loading circle for a few seconds, the screen flashes black, and bounces me right back to the login screen. It doesn't reboot my computer, I don't get stuck at the Windows logo or anything like's just not taking me to my desktop after I log in, no matter how many times I try or reboot.
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have u tried booting into safe mode??

on a reboot press F8 repeatedly , select safe mode, see if u can boot up this way.... you can system restore u pc to a time when ure pc was workign to see if this helps?
I tried safe mode, and I got the same result, it just loops right back to the login screen. I also tried a system restore, from about 12 hours earlier while it was working fine. I was only given 2 options, about 12 hours earlier and 3 hours earlier. Is it possible to do one from further back?
sometimes it does say , show further restore points, ( see piccy )...

also you can try from command prompt
sfc /scannow
chkdsk /f/ r

I was able to restore to one that was further back and it all works now. Thank you for your help, and I'm creating a system back up now.
your more than welcome, im glad i could help. its a good idea to always back up ure data and system :p... any more help u no where we are.