LogonUI.exe - entry point not found Error

Apparently my IT cannot solve this error. The department's reason was that sometimes the password cannot be captured.

The following error came up:

logonui.exe - entry point not found

the procedure entry point IsAdditionalKeyFileAvailableFromKernel could not be located in the dynamic link library sdd.dll

Is there a way to resolve this?


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It appears this dll is related to SecureDoc full disk encryption. So the encryption software is broken and you will want to decrypt the device, remove the software and re-install.


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If neemo is right about the disk encryption, your IT guys should be shot! They should know better than that. If this is a work computer or laptop and they provided it, they should be the ones to fix it, not you. If it's your personally owned computer or laptop and you use it your office network, you should be getting your IT support involved in fixing the problem. If you decided to encrypt your own drive on your personally owned computer/laptop, that was a mistake. Pretty much all the Fortune500 companies stopped doing encryption on company-owned and provided computers to employees. Further, most mid-to-large size companies also have IT policies in their employee handbook that stipulate that disk encryption is NOT to be done without IT approval and support. Failure to comply with a written policy in the employee handbook can result in disciplinary measures up to and including termination. If you are a Manager or Senior level executive in your company, the same information can be found in your Manager's Handbook or Executive Policy Handbook. Solving this kind of problem without IT support can have consequences if your computer/laptop is a company owned asset; which I would have to assume you already are aware of if your are in Management or are an Owner of this company or corporation. Don't mean to brow-beat you about asking the question; just this is one particular area I fought with companies over for years. I WOULD RECOMMEND BACKING AWAY FROM THIS ISSUE AND LETTING YOUR IT SUPPORT HANDLE THIS AS YOU CAN SEE IT'S AN EXTREMLY SENSITIVE ISSUE. Stop trying to do their job!:noway:

In fact, I was fired from a couple of place for attempting to author policies to prevent disk encryption from being used, not just in Client workstations but in Servers as well. Turned out that some of those places went under, filed bankruptcy and are still in court to this day over ignoring my advice on that matter. Oh well...


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