Loop of death

I'm in a loop where no matter what kind of permission I give myself it says I don't have permission:


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If you want to delete the Windows.old, open Disk Cleanup and select clean system files, it should give you the option to clean up the Windows.old folder, or you need to take ownership of the files to delete them.

I tried taking ownership, but I couldn't...
How should I do this?


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  • Open an elevated command prompt
  • Type takeown /F C:\Windows.old /R
  • Then give yourself full permissions cacls C:\Windows.old /T /E /G user:F (replace user with your username)
  • Then you should be able to delete it

Thanks, ill give it a try


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If you run CCleaner and select the Windows.old file in the list it will remove it.
I think it appears in the "System" or "Advanced" category if it is present on your system.

If you don't already have CCleaner you can get it here...

CCleaner - Free Download - Piriform

I'd recommend that you have it installed in any case, I'm guessing that virtually everyone here uses it.
I've used it for many years and run it every day to keep all the junk out of my computer.


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