Loss of High Internet Speeds

Hello, I'm using Windows 7 Build 7100. I'm currently connected to a DIR-655 Router. I'm on a Macbook Pro as well.

It seems about a month ago I noticed that when I booted into the Windows 7 side of my Macbook I get really slow internet connection speeds. I go to 2wire.com's speed meter test and get <1 mbps and I have a 16mbps Cable connection.

Everyone else in my household gets the 16mbps speed, I only get that speed if I'm hardwired into my router or am using the Mac OSX side of my Macbook.

Can anyone help me out with this issue? I've messed with Router settings to no avail.



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most likely its the drivers for your wireless adapter.

I'm running a Broadcomm Driver

Can anyone recommend a better driver? Perhaps where to get an older driver to see if that works better?

So I've gone to the extreme and backed-up my computer and reinstalled Windows 7 fresh. I was hoping that maybe I was running a program that steals bandwidth or had spyware or a virus causing my troubles. Well apparently it wasn't the case since I still have a slow wi-fi internet connection. I'm pretty frustrated...

Little help? :frown:


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wireless at 16mb? really i'd like to see that happen anytime quick.....I'm on 24mb wired, on wireless at 3ft range it struggled to 3mb max and that was the same on XPsp3, Vistax64sp1, and Win7 7100, 7229, 7600.

Well whatever the case may be, I'm still getting dramatically slower wifi speeds on Windows 7 on my macbook, while on Mac OSX I get stellar wifi speeds.

All the speeds I posted were pulled from 2wire.com's speed meter test.

Again, some help to resolve this would be appreciated.

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