lost desktop icons, no startmenu, no right clcik and not working taskmanger (win7 64)


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Hi all please can someone help?. I am running win 7 64bit and all of a sudden all my desktop icons disappeared along with my start menu and my right click function. Ctrl-alt-del brings up the option to access the task manger but it fails to display it. safe mode is fine and when I create a new admin account (admin account 2) all is well.

is there a way to fix this problem as i have a year old system restore that I dont want to use.

I was hoping to fix my admin account 1 as it has all my settings, programs etc. Can this be fixed and if not is there a way to copy all settings (looks, programs, firefox settings etc) to the admin account 2

Any help would be most appreciated.


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Hi dionan and Welcome to The Forum.

When "all of a sudden" this started, had you recently installed/uninstalled anything? If so you may be lucky and it created a Restore Point before doing anything, if so try the Restore Point first.

If not, type in a command prompt or the Run... window: sfc /scannow This will repair any corrupted system files it locates.

Definitely sounds as though your user profile has been corrupted, so at the end of the day you may need to create a new user profile and transfer all your files/folders over.